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Mission Statement:

Blockchain Technology and Business Meetup covers planning, development, and implementation of blockchain applications and services. We invite experienced blockchain technologists, app developers, and implementers to speak and share their processes, insights, and success tips on blockchain setup, use, and management.

If you are involved or want to get involved with blockchain app development, smart contracts, or consulting, this group will help you to discover new effective tools, best practices,  and network with other people in the industry.

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PAST Presentations:

Dec. 10, 2018: An overview of Distributed Ledger Technologies

Chuck Bair lead a discussion the digital ledger technologies that support cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and specialized distributed applications. The focus was on the capabilities that these technologies enable and potential business applications.

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November, 2018: Blockchain App for Non-Programmers

Lawrence Harte presented on how Blockchain apps can provide business advantages and it is possible to create a Blockchain app without having programming knowledge. There are several new Blockchain app development tools that enable non-programmers to define business requirements which are used to create distributed ledger apps (DApps). In this session, we will work together as a group to create a Blockchain app. While these non-programming Blockchain app development services tend to be limited to basic capabilities (for now), learning how to develop apps without programming can help you to understand how Blockchain works and ways to define what you want them to do for your business or type of job.

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Founder and Organizers:

Debbie Hoffman

Founder of this meetup with the intention of having blockchain experts to share their successful experiences implementing blockchain for businesses.

Lawrence Harte

Lawrence is looking to learn and share information on how blockchain is used with media (movies, TV shows, videos) - production, distribution, services. Lawrence is the founder of Blockchain for Media Magazine & Blockchain Definition­