Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the world. The wave of adoption is much faster than the adoption of internet because people are a lot more technically savvy now thanks to widespread use of mobile devices, apps, and social media in comparison to the paradigm shift of the internet 20 years ago. Therefore whether you're a corporate executive, investor or an entrepreneur working outside the realm of blockchain and crypto puts you at a much higher risk of loss of competitive advantage as though you're creating software that does not work on the internet. 

Symmetry offers executive seminars which cover blockchain and cryptocurrencies from its highest conceptual levels all the way down to technical understanding of cryptography and implementation of cryptoeconomics. 

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Our seminars are detailed and interactive, and offered both live or via webinar. They are tailored to your company and your specific needs.   The following are seminars that we have routinely provided to our customers.

What is Bitcoin? An Introduction to Digital Currency

  • An overview and history of digital currency

  • Concept of digital currency as money

  • Types of digital currency

  • How cryptocurrency is used

  • Features, benefits and risks of cryptocurrency

 An Introduction to Blockchain

  • An overview and history of blockchain and distributed ledger systems

  • What are the properties of blockchain and what makes it unique

  • What is a smart contract on the blockchain?

  • The public vs. private blockchain

  • How will blockchain transform business as we know it

  • Some sample use cases of how blockchain is being used across industries

 Investing in cryptocurrencies - ICOs, STOs and securities

  • What is a security?

  • Role of the SEC

  • What is an ICO and STO?

  • Different types of investors and exemptions

  • Tokens, marketing and sales

  • History of token sales and current market

Blockchain for Lawyers

This course is designed primarily for attorneys who would like a better understanding of blockchain.  It is recommended that the blockchain introductory course is taken prior to this course.

  • An introduction as to the regulatory schema of blockchain

  • Reviewing what “smart contracts” really means

  • A discussion of industries using blockchain and sample case studies

  • An introduction to ICOs and the regulatory issues

  • The role of the lawyer

  • The latest legal developments and the future

Blockchain in title, mortgage and real estate

This course is designed primarily for professionals in these industries who would like a better understanding of use cases.

  • Characteristics of blockchain that are useful in real estate, title and mortgage

  • Understanding peer to peer networks

  • Characteristics of smart contracts

  • Using blockchain to transform the industry

  • Discussing compliance, audit and regulatory schemas

  • Current use cases

Blockchain in AML/KYC Compliance

This course is an in-depth exploration of the interconnectivity between blockchain and AML/KYC and what it means for the future of AML compliance. In this session, you will learn about the latest developments in AML/KYC programs through the lens of blockchain’s rapid rise as an enterprise technology solution. It will help you to understand why blockchain has the potential to become an integral part of AML compliance processes.