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Link to: Debbie Hoffman Explains the Links in “Game-Changer” Blockchain  - June 2019


Link to: The Holistic Borrower: Utilizing Trended Data on the Blockchain by Debbie Hoffman and Martin Arana  - March 2019


Debbie Hoffman is the Associate Editor of this new magazine which will help blockchain and media professionals to implement decentralized broadcast, streaming and VOD.

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Article: Introduction to Blockchain Law  - January 2019

You can read Debbie’s article about the introduction to blockchain law on page 20 of this first issue.  


Looking for Solutions (by David Wharton - Links in the Chain Sidebar interview with Debbie Hoffman)  - February 2019

housingwire magazine:

Greater profits in Capital Markets: Blockchain and the Decentralization of Mortgage Debt. (by Debbie Hoffman and Dr. Rick Roque)  - January 2019 

the chicago tribune:

Could blockchain technology transform home buying in Cook County - and beyond? (by Joanne Cleaver featuring interview with Debbie Hoffman)  - July 2018 

mortgage girlfriends magazine:

Understanding How Blockchain Technology Works in the Mortgage Industry (by Debbie Hoffman) - October 2018 

The M Report:

Blockchain in Housing: Opportunities and Challenges (by David Wharton featuring interview with Debbie Hoffman) - July 2018 

HousingWIre Magazine:

How Title Companies can Exploit Blockchain (by Debbie Hoffman and Alexandria Decatur) - June 2018 


Blockchain:  The Opportunities, Risks and Future Outlook in the supply chain (featuring interview with Debbie Hoffman) - April 2018 - p. 14-15

NAtional mortgage news

The Mortgage Industry Has a Data Problem;  Is Blockchain the Answer? (by Elina Talkazikas featuring interview with Debbie Hoffman)  - April 2018

Mortgage Blockchains Promise Efficiency, But Face Steep Hurdles (by Elina Talkazikas featuring interview with Debbie Hoffman)  - April 2018

NAWRB Magazine

Has the Role of Women in Business Made Progress? Women in Technology & Real Estate (by Debbie Hoffman and Alexandria Decatur) - April 2018

Legal business world

Demystifying Blockchain: What Lawyers Need to Know (podcast featuring Debbie Hoffman) - April 2018

The Scotsman Guide

Backspace (by Will McDermot featuring interview with featuring Debbie Hoffman) - April 2018

Mortgage Compliance Magazine

Regulatory Compliance and Efficiency Utilizing Blockchain (by Debbie Hoffman) - March 2018

Housingwire magazine: 

From bitcoin to blockchain: How the new ledger tech can morph the mortgage industry (by Debbie Hoffman and Matt Oguz) - June 2017